My story of getting into programming..

I was always obsessed with science. Physics, Chemistry and Maths were my best subjects ever, I would just spend hours daily on Wikipedia or Google or Youtube searching stuff, learning advanced topics. Although I was 12, but my father was an inspiration, he has physics license, 4 years of studying in university.

He was opening that world for me, and I was just, little by little, falling in love with all those nerdy words. So, I started looking up things myself and discussing them with my dad. He always told me : “you have an amazing mind, continue..”

However, I wasn’t really doing what my dad wanted me to do. Typically, a father wants their child to grow and follow a certain path that they know is good for them. But, it’s not always the case for the child to follow that exact path, minds differ.

That was me! I went looking up maths, physics, chemistry, biology and so on.. I had thousands of papers around in my room all full of equations and concepts.

Mathematics is the root of technology, it is an essential fuel for it, nothing can be made if we take it off. So that got me into the technology portal.

That was a miraculous discovery for a 12 years old kid!! I went to Wikipedia and kept looking at those attractive titles! Algorithms, Binary, Artificial Intelligence, Computers, Engineering, Electronics etc…

But, I was still obsessed with the normal subjects a normal student would study at school. Which are maths, physics and chemistry.

At my first year of middle school, when we started studying actual programs of science, my soul found something, it was biology! I fell in love with biology, started doing more researches and being a mad nerd who just answers whatever question you may have (unfortunately not anymore lol).

This is it, last year of middle school (we have 3 years in middle school), they require us to fill a sheet of questions on what path we want to follow in high school. As I said, my love was science, natural sciences. So I chosed scientific common core, as there is technical common core (standing for technology).

That was just the beginning of this journey. We had a subject called “computer science”. Wow! What is this? Is this where we play games?

Nah, that was just a boring class that we take once every week. But it had my interest after a few sessions of knowing some computer components.

After, we discovered, a very known term, Binary, that was the actual start of the programming world. We knew how to convert a decimal number into a binary number by doing a simple -but was complex- division operation.

Next, it was algorithms…

Here is the the true start of an interesting journey…

I remember coming back home, it was a calm afternoon, mom was video calling my uncle from Sweden.

He was studying a bit of programming when he was in his 20’s, and he told me about HTML. That was the first programming language I learned, actually, not a programming language, but it was fantastic!

Since that time, I grinded day and night to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

And it was like that for two years, at the same time I was reading about IT and other programming languages every night.

Last year of my highschool, covid hit, the world is down, everyone is online studying.

My final exam was on June the 6th, 7th and 8th. I failed it!

But that was only a beginning of me discovering a new thing that made me forget about failing (although I was not sad failing, but the fact that seeing your friends have succeeded can still make you feel bad!).

Cyber security, a new world of IT that fascinated me. I watched many YouTube videos on hacking stuff and engineers showing how hackers can get access to anything online for free! As well as how you can defend yourself against those, and even detect them!

YouTube recommended me a guy named NetworkChuck, he is incredible and no doubt a genius in his work.

He has useful educational series on Linux, Networks and Security. And that is my current start!

He opened another big portal of opportunities and chances for me in this world of IT. Knowing that there are thousands of jobs I can get besides being just a coder!

And the journey continues…



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